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History of Vizslas in Denmark

Thanks to Jonas Nielsen (Danish Vizsla Home Page) and Peder Jensen (vice-president in the Danish Vizsla Club) we now can provide further history on the Vizsla.

After the rebellion in Hungary in 1956, some Hungarian refugees came to Denmark. Some of them probably brought Hungarian dogs, or had luck to have some brought into Denmark. Theese dogs were kept as familydogs, seriously breeding were not practised. In 1971 a farmer named Erik Bendsen (from Lolland) heard about this pointerbreed, and with some help from the Hungarian Ms. Ilona Jaurnik and Ms. E. Nagy, he brought a Vizsla bitch to Denmark from Hungary. At that time the Danish Vizsla breeding started.

Bernadettte Barsiligeti (Potyi) was the name of the bitch, and together with the younger Reka, that Mr. Bendsen picked up in the USA, she forms the stock of the Danish breeding. 56 puppies of Potyi were pedigreed and allmost every Danish Vizsla-owner will find her amon their dog's ancestores.

Mr. Bendsen didn't stop by importing those 2 bitches. In the following years he brought home: Etzel von Bahlen from Germany, Egerpataki Aprod from Hungary, and Gasar from Belgium, just to mention the most important. During those 10-12 years, where Mr. Bendsen was an active Vizsla-breeder, more than a hundred puppies were born at "Damgaard" near the Village Soellested, and Mr. Bendsen has really left his great mark on the Danish Vizsla breeding.

Others has also become interested in the Vizsla, and brought breedingmaterial from Hungary (Kulloi Paj Kos Sobri, Hortobagyhidi Lidi, Matai Mese) and England (Waidman Bor, Kis of Waidman, Waidman Dansk) just to mention a few.

In the beginning and the middle of the 80th the Toy Town dogs made their entry in Denmark. Several dogs were imported from this Dutch Kennel. Hennes of Toy Town was very popular in the breeding of the 80th, Ivan Lauds of Toy Town, Freja of Toy Town, Faenrik and Fleur of Toy Town again just to mention a few.

Superior breedingdogs through the years:


Kulloi Pajkos Sobri 1971, owner E. Nagy, was the first dog in Denmark making some very fine litters. He was the father of 6 litters.

Etcel von Bahlen 1975, owner Erik Bendsen, father of 12 litters.

Egerpataki Aprod 1978, owner Erik Bedsen, father of 12 litters.

Pandi 1980, owner Hans E. Jorgensen, father of 3 litters.

Pusztai 1979, owner Erling Olsen, father of 6 litters.

Gasar 1983, owner Erik Bendsen, father of 4 litters.

Hennes of Toy Town 1983, owner Hans E. Jorgensen, father of 13 litters.

Ivan Lauds of Toy Town, owner Jorgen Weinrick, father of 4 litters.

Puszta 1984, owner Ole Selmer, father of 3 litters.

Eyck 1985, owner Birgit Engel, father of 6 litters.

Rico 1986, owner Per Jensen, father of 4 litters.


Barsiligeti Trilla Trezsi 1973, owner E. Nagy, mother of 3 litters.

Barsiligeti Bernadette (Potyi) 1972, owner Erik Bendsen, mother of 9 litters.

Rebeca 1981, owner H. Kruse, mother of 3 litters.

Lundkjaers Vesna 1983, owner Poul Moeller, mother of 4 litters.


Peder Jensen: "I am a danish vizsla owner, and vice-president in the Danish Vizsla Club. I am glad Jonas has made the danish vizsla-homepage, and that it now also appears on your home-page." With regard to the number of Vizslas in Denmark right now, " guess is that there are about 5-600 vizsla's in Denmark. In the last 10 years there were bred aprox. 50 puppies each year, and importet 1-5 pr. year"

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