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Connie Johnson

Written by Beryl Taylor

Connie Johnson of Sageacre Vizslas passed over the Rainbow Bridge February 27th, 2004 in Reno, Nevada. She was a long time breeder & enthusiast of the Vizsla. She had been a board member of the VCA & chaired the Breed Improvement Committee. She was on the committee with Barbara Burlenbach & May Carpenter for the 1960 -70 first " Decade of Vizslas ." She was a judge of Sweeps at a California Vizsla Nationals.

Connie purchased her first Vizsla, a female, Bolen's Geza Bell in Dec. 1964. Geza became a Champion in 1966 & was the # 3 Vizsla in 1966 winning a Sporting group 2 & 4 followed by a group 4 in 1967 & a Sporting group 3 in 1968. Geza was BOS at the 4th VCA Nationals to BOB Ch. Debreceny Dezso in Chagrin Falls, Ohio in 1968. She was also Brood Bitch winner. She was a Top Producing Vizsla Dam of 5 Champions in 1968. Geza produced a total of 15 Champions. As a conscientious breeder of Vizslas Connie believed that a breeder was responsible for the litters bred. Geza's son, Fleckes of Sageacre born 1967 was returned to Connie at her request. He became a Champion in 1969 & was # 5 Vizsla in U.S. in 1969. He won a Sporting group 4 in 1968 & 1969. "Patches" was a Top Producing Sire in 1970. He sired a total of 12 Champions. To win Sporting Group Placements in those early years was an accomplishment for the Vizsla Breed was not well known. Connie showed all her Vizslas to their Championships in Bred By Exhibitor Class.

The beginning of my success of Vizsta Vizslas was the breeding of Ch. Fleckes of Sageacre to my Brahms Golden Exodus ( acquired her CH. @ age 7 after whelping 31 live get). They produced 3 Champions & a daughter who became a 3rd. generation Vizsla Top Producer. She was a dam of 5 champions & a 1980 #4 Sporting Dam (tied) of U.S. She was the dam of Canada's only (to date) 3 time Best In Show Female. Connie enjoyed the success with me & was proud of Patches' get. Connie rescued an adult female Vizsla which she later showed to Champion Goldie Lady ! I have lost my close friend of 32 years but know she is now well & happy over the Rainbow Bridge with Geza, Patches, Miha,Vida, Deedee, & all the other Sageacre Vizslas that followed. Connie's Champion Sageacre Magic age 12.5 is now living with her litter sister "Miracle" and Connie's friend Jan.

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