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Byron, Guide Dog and Friend

by Elaine Anderson

Byron is a very special dog because he is a working guide dog. Byron and I have been a team since we graduated in March 1996 from Southeastern Guide Dog School in Palmetto/Fla. He is a very versatile and dedicated dog. Because of all his training, he works and guides me very well. I cannot begin to tell you how many doors he has opened for me. When we were matched at the school, it was love at first sight. I got on tape our first meeting. It was some of the sweetest Vizsla kisses. He is the most spoiled dog you've ever seen. He is my eyes, my heart, the love of my life. He and I visit schools, nursing homes and civic groups for demonstrations to better educate people on the use of a guide dog.

Byron and I live in Pensacola Fla on the waterfront where I was born. He loves it here because he has plenty of room to run and play. Somtimes we have been outside playing and I get sort of turned around. All I have to do is call him and he's there at my side. Without his harness on, he will stand at my side and I put my hand on his back and he will gently take me back to the steps. He knows his mom can't see too well. What more could I possibly ask for in life? And he doesn't talk back, leave his socks on the floor or even run around with other girls! He's my baby boy.

I have gotten lost here because I love to talk about my Byron. I have R.P. which is slowly causing me to lose my sight. I also have cataracts--one has been removed to hopefully give me more light to my darkening world but it was unsucessful. But that's ok since I now have my Byron.

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