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Magic Brew for Sore Paws

BY WILL SNYDER. Will read with interest and understanding a letter on the Vizsla Listserv about a Vizsla having sore feet who constantly licked them. He thought this might be caused by an allergic reaction to plants or something else on the ground. He sent the following as a reply.

I have an old Vizsla (almost 16 years young) who had a terrible time with sore feet. In the evening, after a day hunting she would start to limp. The next morning she didn't want to move at all. Of course I took her to the vet and it was determined that she had "inner digital dermatitis" which manifested itself as redness between the toes and her feet being so sore she didn't want to move. A sorrowful sight. According to the vet, Chelsea was allergic to a fern that grows plentiful and wild in Northern California where I hunt, and many dogs in the area have this problem. I tried lots of stuff on the market but nothing really did the job. Then I got lucky !

I have a friend who is a marathon runner (and happens to be a vet) who concocted a mixture he used to help him with blisters, sores, and anything else long distance runners get on their feet. He swore by it and used it not just for himself, but on dogs who had the same problem as my Chelsea.

It worked like magic! Chelsea never again limped or even got a little red between the toes. I would hunt Chelsea usually four or five days a week during the hunting season and you would never know she had ever had a problem with her feet. I've told many others and everyone that made up the "home brew" raved about it. This "home brew" works on other skin problems too. I was at a conformation training class and was positioned behind a Shar Pei whose owner told me that she probably wouldn't be able to show her dog for awhile because of sores on her neck. This condition is quite common for Shar Pei's due to the folds of skin being great breeding grounds for bacteria. I asked her to try my "home brew." About five days later she called me and said "she couldn't believe the improvement, and she would tell all her friends."

The friend who told me about this "home brew" also used it in his practice for other things. Dogs would come in with impacted ears, so bad that medications couldn't get past the swelling. He would send the owners home with the brew and after a week or so he'd be able to continue the treatment. I also use it whenever my dogs go swimming (often) and the dogs have never had "swimmers ear." One squirt in each ear, it works !

So, if you feel brave, adventuresome, and want to ride the wild side, try this little brew. This is so simple you won't believe it:

Get a one pint jar of common rubbing alcohol. Add three teaspoons of Boric Acid. Then pour in enough liquid Betadine (surgical soap) to make the solution a nice dark rust (much like a Vizsla that's really too dark for the standard but perfect for the judges) jab, jab.

We call the brew BAB (i.e., boric acid, alcohol, betadine) which makes it easy to remember the recipe. I pour BAB into plastic spray containers. It's a lot easier to use the spray then cotton swabs, and neater than pouring it on.

I believe the alcohol aids in drying, the boric acid with the bacteria, and the betadine does what soap does. When hunting Chelsea I would spray her before hunting and immediately after, worked like a charm.

Good Luck.

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