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A Breeder Worth Salt
by Pam Haley

The same topics keep coming up over and over again: A puppy needed to be re-homed, the owner put a call out to the list:
"Help me find a new home for my pup"; "my puppy is sick what do I do?"

When I see these posts, my first thought is always WHERE is the breeder? Over time I have come to realize that not all pups are
born equal, not all pups and their owners have the advantage of dealing with a breeder who is "worth salt".

For those of you who are not familiar with that phrase, it originated in Imperial Rome where soldiers where given an allowance to buy
salt. From that stipend, called a salarium, the English word "salary" is derived. Hundreds of years later, in the American Gold Rush days, salt was again used as a measure of integrity, indicating the goodness of character and reliability of an individual. Any person "worth salt" was good and dependable - someone you could count on!

A breeder worth salt:

1. Screens the suitability of the family for one of the precious pups.
2. Answers all questions BEFORE pup is taken to a new home.
3. Answers your questions and soothes your panic AFTER your pup goes home.
4. Supports you through positive encouragement as you and you pup grow together.
5. Helps you resolve training issues.
6. Shares your laughter and pride.
7. Steps in to provide support and help when things go wrong.
8. Becomes your friend, your mentor, your confessor, a trusted member of your family.
9. Shares you joys and your sorrows.

When the chips are down, and there is no suitable resolution to a problem the breeder "worth salt" is the first person you turn to! That
breeder will take back a pup, anytime, under any circumstances. That breeder has a profound respect for the life and well-being of your pup. That breeder wants you do the right thing and will HELP you get through the misery.

There are thousands of Vizsla breeders world wide with thousands of adorable little red-pups to charm you and melt your resolve.
You must steel yourself and ask questions of the breeder, make sure you have found a person of integrity and reliability - a breeder who is truly worth salt.

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