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Vizsla Specific Allergic Reactions

Here are classic examples of Vizsla specific allergic reaction -- skin bumps. We don't have lots of information to add right now, other than these pictures. But we have personal experience since one of Kay's dogs has had this experience after running through the woods. We'll add more as we have information. (Photos by Tonnie Niessing).

Allergic by V's 1.jpg (24419 bytes)  Allergic by V's 2.jpg (22910 bytes)
Allergic by V's 3.jpg (19213 bytes) Allergic by V's 4.jpg (20746 bytes)
If you like you can use them on the homepage. There are four pictures of a vizsla with a allergic reaction. I don't know if you have ever seen this before or if one of your own V's had it. My first Vizsla had it a few times we were never sure were she got it from. One time she needed an injection from the vet because it got worse and worse. Mostly it disapearce after one or two days. I know that you have a site about allergics on your homepage. Maybe you can add one of those pictures at this site. ~ Tonnie

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