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Agility in Sweden

2002: by Bosse Samstrand. "My name is Bosse Samstrand. I'm 36 years old and I compete in agility in Sweden with my Vizsla "Pajtás". We have owned Pajtás since autumn 2000. When we bought him, he was four years old, only trained physically and totaly without experience in agility."

In the year of 1985, agility came to Sweden by Marie Hansson. Agility has been official in Sweden since 1987. In Sweden it doesn't matter if your dog is a Toy poodle or a Great Dane, you are welcome anyway. If your dog is a mixed breed, no problem, but only purebred dogs can get a champion title.

We are about 1500 active, and during the summer season there are trials every weekend. It's not possible for us to compete in all of them, because of the length of our country. There's about 3000 km between the trials that are farthest away from each other.

When the dog is18 months old, we can start competing, and our agility is divided into three different heigths:

Small: For dogs that are smaller than 34.99cm(about 13.7")
Medium: For dogs between 35 cm to 42.99 cm(about 13.7" to 16.9")
Large: For dogs thats over 43 cm (about 16.9")

We also have two kinds of agility trials in Sweden. The first one is called agility class and consists of all obstacles. The other one is called jumping class and is without the three contact obstacles and the table. The judge can decide to remove up to two different types of obstacles from the course if he wants.

Both types of trials are divided into three different difficulty levels. When we start competing, we have to start in class 1, then try to be 5th or better with a clean run 3 times to move upp to class 2. The highest class is 3 and to get there we need to be at least 3rd with no faults, three times in the 2nd class. It is in class 3 we can take our certificates and championtitles, but to become a champion we also have to get at least
a second place in a dog show. It's also in class 3 that we compete in National championships and our national teams are competing in class three. 2001's world champion is from Sweden. Her name is Jenny Damm and her dog is called Lotus. He is a border collie, and we also took the third place in the WC with our "small" team.

My Pajtás is the only Vizsla we had seen and heard about that competes right now, in Sweden. We heard there are others that train agility but they haven't started yet. Our goal is to move up to class two during this year and we hope that eventually Pajtás will be the first Vizsla to become a Swedish Agility Champion. Pajtás has no problem to beat the fast border collies on time if he makes a clean run, and we think that in a couple of years people will notice this and there will be more vizslas in agility.

Best Regards to all of you and very good luck working with your vizslas
Bosse Samstrand and Eva Fredriksson

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