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The Rewards of Rescue and Adoption
by Lisa Clowdus

We got our "original" Vizsla, Gunner, as a seven week-old puppy in early 1982, along with a seven week-old Golden Retriever, Honey. The two were best friends and our constant companions. When Honey died, Gunner was very lonely. Our friend and Vizsla breeder, Marilyn Fowler (who we originally got Gunner through), had to move into senior housing and needed a home for her eleven year-old Vizsla, Sisza. Sisza was Gunner's cousin and we thought we'd be doing both Marilyn and Sisza a favor by adopting Sisza. It turns out that we were the lucky ones - we fell madly in love with Sisza and she was the sweetest Vizsla! We never expected to bond the way we did with her - thinking that perhaps an older dog could never be as close to us as a puppy could. Boy, were we wrong! We enjoyed an incredible four and a half years with Sisza and loved her as though we'd always been together.

We lost both Sisza and Gunner within four months of each other, at ages 15 and 16. At first I thought I wouldn't want another dog for a long time, but two days after we lost Gunner, I was ready for two more Vizslas. After such a great experience with Sisza, I plunged whole-heartedly into the search for two Vizslas to adopt. Via our wonderful Vizsla Club of Northern California Rescue Chair, Judy Jackson, we located Greta and brought her home a few days later. Poor Greta was not in good health, she was scared to death of her own shadow and had some behavior problems when we adopted her. It turned out that all she needed was love and praise and she immediately began to blossom into the cuddly, loving, happy and healthy Vizsla that she is today. She gives the world's best "huggles" and we can't imagine our lives without her. She is a perfect angel and we are so lucky to have her!

Two weeks later, thanks to my post on the Vizsla listserv, we adopted another wonderful Vizsla, Canadian Ch. Heelmark's Soupcon de Muscade, CDX. She flew to us from Montreal, Canada and, as her previous owner traveled constantly, was in search of a good home in a warmer climate. Muscade is incredibly smart, very confident and well socialized and such a pleasure to have around! She is also a love and a sweetheart. We are so lucky to have two such wonderful Vizslas as part of our family. In a few years, we will definitely adopt another adult Vizsla. For us, it's the best way to go and a tremendously rewarding experience.


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