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The Article
by Simone Karsman, GWP Rescue

Anyone who has worked rescue can relate--all we have to do is substitute "Vizsla" for "GWP" !

Last week I celebrated a momentous birthday. And when I blew out that big  candle, I took a deep breath, and let out a long, slow breath. I had a big wish. I'll tell you about it in a minute, but first, I would like to ask all breeders to think seriously about how many Wirehairs have gone through our rescue program just in the last few months. It's a joyous occasion when we place a dog in a loving home, but there are so many that are unwanted for long periods of their lives.

It's so, so easy to select an adorable puppy to bring home with all the anticipation of a lifetime of joy and memories. But it's not easy to commit to the special needs of a rescue dog, because you have no way of knowing his background and can only imagine how he came to be an orphan. It breaks my heart when we can't place a dog right away. Especially when you know the dog is from good breeding (you can tell) and should be just as desirable as any other available GWP on that particular day, if he just had that little slip of paper attached to him somehow... And if the dogs could only speak, the stories we would hear, you can see it in their impulsive reactions... sadly, some rescue dogs leave here still unable to trust a treat from my hand.  Well, here's my long wish:
1. That breeders would SERIOUSLY consider whether they really NEED to breed another litter.
2. That breeders would follow up on their litters and stay in touch with their puppies.
3. That breeders would be responsible for re-placement if a home doesn't work out, rather than allowing the dog to go into the rescue program.
4. That all breeders would make a "voluntary" donation to the rescue fund in honor of those caring souls who "may" by tucking in one of their pups tonight.
5. That all breeders would work rescue for just one month PRIOR to breeding another litter.
6. That the GWPCA would encourage breeders to have contracts requiring new owners to return the pup to either the breeder or to GWPCA Rescue if unable to keep the dog, and NOT to abandon it at a shelter, or worse...
7. The breeders include spay/neuter requirements in their contracts, and hold the blue slip until it's accomplished.
8. That breeders would consider making a waiting list before planning a breeding.

Oh, there are more, but that's enough of my wishes tonight...

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