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Questions to Ask Breeders
before Buying a Puppy

Thanks to the following people for contributing to this effort: Allan Strachan, Vicki L. May, Linda Promaulayko, and Donna Patterson.

  1. How are the temperaments of both Sire and Dam ? Are there any signs of aggressiveness in either line?
  2. Why did you breed these two particular dogs? What do you think these puppies will contribute to the future of the breed. (Really gives the buyer some good insight and very interesting responses.)
  3. What do you look for in a prospective owner of your pups? (Would let me know they measure of their concern for their offspring.)
  4. How long have you been involved in the breed and how many litters have you had? If the number is high then ask, How can you possible be responsible for all those dogs?
  5. Why do I have to co-own a bitch with you and breed a litter as stated in the sales contract? How do you know at this age of 7-8 weeks that this bitch is breeding quality.
  6. What guarantees do you give on hips, or other health problems that may arise? If my dog fails the OFA x ray at age two what is your policy on money refunded or help with medical bills?
  7. Can you can rate your puppies and pick one for me i.e. high, medium, low (warp) speed/personality, dominant or submissive etc.
  8. Have you ever had a dog returned for health reasons, or other reasons??
  9. How long have you been breeding and what type of research did you do to select the sire?
  10. Are you involved with breed rescue?
  11. If it is their first litter, what other experienced breeders are helping to evaluate the puppies?
  12. Are you going to be a mentor in training in new areas for buyer, or if it is a long distance buy, is there anyone in my area who will do so -- especially important for first time V owners.

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